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Prince Serenity



Kodaikanal, where no matter what the season, nature is fascinating. A place of absolute beauty, where you can hear the sound of the wind, the birds' songs, the rhythm of your own breath. An ultimate location for nature lovers.

Prince Serenity is a place where the elements meet. Pine trees grow amid the dappled light, their roots deep in sandy soil while their trunks are weathered by spring rains. Locals and astute holiday makers alike have always love the region, but it is those who live here all year round who benefit most from the changeable and varied landscape. From pine trees blanketed in mist, to the flowering serenity floor, to the summer sun glistening over the dewdrops, nature offers something new to delight every day.

Prince Serenity is a contemporary development of 118 spacious villas set over 29 acres. Everything about the building has been carefully considered to work in harmony with the surrounding. As a result, the finishes reflect the local microclimate throughout.


DISCLAIMER: The Plans, Designs, Layout etc., shown here in are merely indicative and are not binding on us. Prince Foundations Limited retains and reserves the right to change, alter or modify the specifications at any time without issuing notice to anybody, at its sole discretion.

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